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Nov 28 07 8:18 PM

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Hi all, I found this story on the net, some years ago. I try´ed to find the author, without susses. The site I got it from say´d that the was no copyright on the story. But just to set the records straight, it is not my story, and not my copyrights.

Now that is say´d, I must say that this is one of the best "Collar" story´s I ever read - Enjoy it. And let me know if you also like it?


by JB

Chapter One - The Inheritance

There was no choice in the matter, it was stipulated very clearly in my great
grandmother's will that the next female in direct line from her would receive a
legacy of 5 million dollars on condition that the beneficiary be married and
wear my great grandmother's wedding dress, and my great grandmother's entire
wardrobe for at least two years after the wedding - NO ALTERATIONS ALLOWED!

It seemed like a simple enough request to me. However it had been one that both
my mother and her mother before her had been unable to grant. As a result we had
lived a fairly modest existence, while my great grandmother's legacy had
compounded with interest in a trust fund untouched over the last 90 years. It
now amounted to a grand fortune of 800 million.

My great grandmother was called Virginia Henley. She was heir to the Henley
fortune, mainly procured through slave-trading in the mid-19th century. She was
a renowned sadomasochist, who kept her servants in the cruelest fashion
imaginable, and allowed herself to be ruled over by an even crueler husband, one
Captain Reginald Henley. Together they had made quite a formidable couple. Their
daughter, my grandmother, had a miserable childhood and never even tried to
carry out the conditions of her mother's will, being only too glad to escape her
clutches at an early age and marry for love and nothing more.

So you can imagine my shock when my Mother explained the terms of the
inheritance to me. I was 18 at the time and had just been proposed to by Gerard,
a French language professor at the local university. Mother had kept this part
of the family history a secret, but as she watched me grow up she become aware
that like Virginia I was also, how shall we say -kinky.

I loved being tied up by Gerard and wearing whatever he desired me to wear. I
also had a cruel streak that had shown itself since I was a child. So naturally
my Mother thought I had inherited Virginia's tastes and wanted to make me aware
of the opportunity that her will offered, if I should chose to take it.
Especially as our engagement had just been announced. I realized how important
this was and brought Gerard into the conversation. However, we immediately
realized what the problem was as soon as we saw the pictures.

Virginia's wedding had taken place in 1904. In the wedding photo Virginia was
wearing an extreme version of the highest fashions of the day. Her waist was
crushed into a long corset that made it seem even narrower than her husband's
neck. Her own neck was stretched and squeezed into what must have been at least
a five inch high, and extremely tight, pearl and diamond choker. The choker held
her head in a locked position that must have had her gasping for air. Her face
would have betrayed her agony, had it not been so tightly veiled that it must
have been barely possible for her to move her mouth enough to say, "I do." This
was combined with a hobbling dress that could only have allowed her the smallest
of steps. A long heavy silk train was anchored at the base of her throat in such
a way that if she tried to move without assistance from her bridesmaids she
would surely have strangled. It made her the epitomy of fashionable bondage for
the time - and, I thought, really quite beautiful.

After staring at this picture for some minutes my mother's only comment was,
"Geena, I wouldn't even suggest this unless I thought you might be able to carry
it off, but I really think you might. I can see that you quite like this, don't

I whispered, "Oh God, well... what's the rest of her wardrobe like?"

"Worse," she said, "Far worse. No Henley has ever been able to wear any of it."

I flushed, then looked at her apprehensively, and slowly smiled, "And you think
I can?"

"For 800 million it's worth a try, honey."

I looked to Gerard. He was equally excited and he smiled right back at me, "Come
on Geena, you'll enjoy every minute of it. I know you will"

The wedding was three months away. My waist was already a very narrow 22 inches,
my neck 13 inches and not as long as the woman in the photo, I was sure. I

The first thing the executors of the will did was to release the clothes to us,
there were trunks and trunks of clothes and bondage equipment of all kinds. They
had been specially kept and preserved. With them came detailed instructions for
corset training and other forms of body modification and various exotic tortures
that I would be subjected to. Gerard read and followed these with glee, and we
started out on our adventure.

We agreed the corset training would have to start right away if I was to have
any chance of carrying out the demands of the will. It seemed as though every
costume in the trunks had a waist of 18 inches or smaller, and as the will had
stated, there were to be no alterations. However, looking at how intricately
everything was made I seriously doubted anyone could have made alterations even
if that had been allowed. As I looked at it all I realized how deeply cruel
Virginia must have been to wish this torture on her daughter. Especially when we
found the wedding dress and accessories, and the traveling costumes for the
honeymoon. All of them had waists 16 inches or worse.

The choker that we saw in the photo was in fact 6 inches high and only 10 and a
half inches around.

How was I ever going to wear that?

Gerard carefully measured my neck. 13 inches around, and when fully-stretched 4
or 5 inches at the most. This was truly going to be torture...

And who would understand why I was putting myself through this? My Mother said
it wouldn't be a problem. The Henleys in Scotland had been relishing this day.
They in fact ran an Edwardian-themed hotel and would provide all the
accommodations for the wedding and the honeymoon at their large secluded Estate
on the Isle of Mull. She had it all worked out.

That first night Gerard laced me into a long training corset that stretched from
my tits to my knees. I had been laced into corsets before but this was quite
different. By the time they'd finished my waist was down to 19 inches and my
chest and legs so tightly bound I felt short of breath, desperate to be
released. Then Gerard found an interesting device that would prevent me from
loosening the corset - a laced leather mono-glove that bound my arms behind me,
pulling my shoulders back painfully. As he laced it shut, he smiled to himself.
I realized he was enjoying this, so I put up with it.

I thought that was it. But then he said, "Oh look, what's this?" He pulled out a
tiny looking corset made of rubber and steel.

"I'll never get that on," I said, "Not ever!"

He read something from the instructions, then looked amazed, "Ah! This is not
meant for your waist, Geena, this is for your neck."

"You must be kidding," I said, "I'm not sleeping in that."

"You probably won't sleep very much, but I think you should wear it. It says
here that it will train your neck to lengthen and narrow, and should be worn
every night."

"No way!"

"Come on," he said, "You might as well start now. In fact, the sooner the
better." I tried to move away from him when he came toward me with it, but the
corset and arm binder stopped me from getting very far. I whimpered as his hands
led me by the back of the neck to stand at the dressing room mirror. "Now I
don't want to have to gag you darling, but I will if you don't shut up. Is that
clear?" I nodded.

"So chin up!"

Half-looking at the instructions he placed the neck corset around my throat,
laces at the back.
"It's about an inch too small, darling."

"Am I surprised?" I replied sarcastically.

"But the rubber will stretch," he added. My eyes widened in real surprise as he
started to lace it up at the back.

The rubber did stretch, a little. And my neck was forcibly craned up as high as
I could manage. The neck corset was so tight my face was turning red. "Please!
Loosen it a little!" I cried.

"But I haven't even closed it!"

"I don't care," I said, "Stop there."

"Oh, just a little tighter! There!"

I gasped. I could only breath in short grabbed breaths. "Please Gerard," I
whispered, fighting panic, "I can't sleep like this."

"Can you breath?"

"... Just!" I choked.

"Then it is adjusted correctly! It says here by morning you will be quite used
to it, and we will be able to lace it a little tighter tomorrow, as well as the
corset, I hope." Then he smiled sweetly, "Just think of the money, my sweet."

I tried to swallow, but it was very difficult, and the mere attempt almost
strangled me.

But in a strange way, as he laid me down on the bed on my side, placed a pillow
under my head and kissed me, I started to feel very aroused. He went to go, and
I gasped, "Stay with me Gerard!"

He smiled and laid down next to me, gently stroking my hair until eventually
Gerard drifted off to sleep. I was left awake-half, barely able to breath and
viciously uncomfortable. What on earth had I let myself in for? If he hadn't put
the fucking arm-binder on I would definitely have unlaced myself! I wept a
little, then established a rhythm for breathing. Eventually I slipped off into a
fitful sleep. It seemed that no sooner had I had shut my eyes, but a loud dawn
chorus filled the air outside our window.

Now my first day of true bondage was about to begin!

Chapter Two - Lord and Lady Henley

The next morning Gerard unlaced me and allowed me to shower. I stood shivering
with pent-up arousal in the rain of water. Before I had a chance to think,
Gerard was in the shower with me and offered to help. I nodded. He held my
wrists firmly behind my back, lifted me up onto him and entered me deeply. He
brought me to an orgasm the likes of which I'd never had. It was fast and wild
and fantastic!

Then he smiled and whispered, "Now let me dress you!"

"You want to dress me?"

"Today, yes."

He picked out a corset, tighter than the one I'd worn during the night. Then I
picked a blouse with a 4 inch high collar. It was the lowest one I could find. I
thought that and one of my normal business suits, a pair of high heels, and a
cape, should allow me to go to work that day without drawing too much attention
to myself.

I worked as a receptionist for Smith and Wilson Real Estate. I just had to sit
and look pretty most of the day, and this would help.

Gerard laced the corset down to 21 inches quite quickly, "See? The training
corset worked!"

I smiled, but when he pulled it in another two inches I yelped like a dog!

He'd taken my breath away, and was about to tie it off there, "I could close it
with just another inch if you like, Geena."

"Try!" I whispered.

He pulled with all his might! "There!" he said, "I've closed it!"

18 inches!

I could only half-fill my lungs. I felt cut in two.

"This is torture." I whispered. But as Gerard ran his hands over my fanny and
kissed the back of my neck, I decided I simply didn't care, "Put the blouse on
me, Gerard."

The blouse was made of the finest silk, the arms were tight all the way down to
the wrists and it fastened at the back. Of course, the collar was about an inch
too small for my neck.

"I'll never close this without tearing the collar fasteners," he said.

Then Gerard looked at the note that came with it. He read it out loud, "If you
have problems with the collar you will find what you need at the bottom of the

"God," I whispered, "She thought of everything."

"Here..." Gerard pulled out a complicated-looking contraption made of the finest
kid leather straps. On the strap were the words: "For a 12 inch neck only -
start at the top."

There were four straps, 1 inch wide and 12 inches long. Every 12 inches there
was a thin 2 inch high steel connector where the next 12 inch strap started, and
so on... Making the binder 4 inches high in all.

He pulled the first strap under my chin, digging into the soft flesh and pulling
it sharply so it clicked shut! I gasped, "Oh God! That's so TIGHT!" Then he did
the next three straps, until in an instant my neck from my collar bone to my jaw
bone was encased in the tightest, strictest and highest collar I'd ever worn. I
immediately swooned for a moment, then found a way to breathe, just barely!

My eyes watered.

I felt incredibly aroused!

Gerard looked worried, "Is that too tight?"

I whispered, "I can bear it. It's not too bad." Then my fingers ran over the
taut leather that had become my new neck. It was as if my neck belonged to
someone else. As if I was totally owned by the collar - a collar that if it was
any tighter would strangle the life out of me.

I loved it! I cut a half-smile with my lips, then gasped, "This is going to be
okay Gerard. Really!"

He smiled back at me, "We haven't finished yet."

He did up the blouse collar. It closed, a perfect snug fit around my new neck.
Then we found out that the rim at the top of the blouse collar was made of
steel, and the sides were whalebone-lined. If I even so much as tried to move my
head, the steel seemed to garrote me. To the casual observer the collar simply
looked like tightly-drawn silk, encasing a beautifully-long throat. For me it
was a torture device!

My face was turning a little red from my restricted throat. Tears were flowing
from my eyes.

"Oh this is so cruel," I whispered.

Now the blouse was on and Gerard picked out a long tight suede suit for me to
wear. I put it on, desperately trying not to look down because every time I
moved my head the collar dug deeper into the soft skin under my chin! So Gerard
helped me with the tight dress. then with an evil smile said, "Lets zip up the
kick pleat here!" The kick pleat was practically the only thing that allowed me
to walk in the dress.

The zip was there mainly for show, but Gerard often liked restraining me. By
zipping up this or that, and making me wear my highest heels, he enjoyed
watching me hobble around town taking the tiniest steps and drawing stares from
every man and woman who understood the bondage I was subjecting myself to. Today
this seemed like the last straw though.

"Oh please, Gerard," I begged, "At least I must be able to walk!"

"Not today." He smiled, and promptly slid my arms into the inner sleeves of a
beautiful cape. Before I knew it the cape was closed and the sleeves were
binding my arms behind me so strictly my shoulders ached and the collar seemed
even tighter.

I was totally restrained and almost passing out from the pressure. "How am I
going to work in this Gerard?"

"Oh, you're not working today, we're going for a walk in the park. Then lunch. I
phoned in your resignation."

"You did what!"

"A woman worth 800 million doesn't exactly need to work, Geena. And neither do I
for that matter. My job now is to torture you for the rest of your life."

A mix of pleasure and fear shot through me. But before I could say anything
Gerard instructed me to hold my chin up. He pulled a net veil so tight around my
face I couldn't open my mouth or even blink! Then he secured the veil to a
pillbox hat on the crown of my head. "There," he said, "Now no one will see
those tears, so stop crying Geena!"

The car ride was excruciating, bumper to bumper all the way into the city.
Gerard had cruelly fixed the seat belt around me so that every time he braked it
tightened even more, and never loosened. Why he bothered I don't know. I
couldn't move my arms or legs in this outfit.

I was in terrible pain from the corset, and stiflingly hot under the suede dress
that seemed to be getting tighter and tighter. And the seat belt was practically
crushing me by the time we arrived at the park.

As he turned the engine off and released the belt, Gerard said, "Maybe next time
I should fasten this around your neck. I think you'd enjoy that."

I murmured an agreement, but the veil was too tight to allow me to speak. My
jaws literally clamped together as if by a wire mesh! I didn't know it but
Gerard was taking me to meet the Scottish relatives who had been flown over to
see me. It took two hours to walk across the park to the restaurant. My bondage
was so tight I almost fainted four times. But each time Gerard revived me, then
tightened my cape a bit, or my veil, or even the collar, by using a special
little key that fitted ingeniously into the steel and bone beneath the silk. No
one could see my bondage, or imagine my agony.

I soon learned not to dare faint again, but instead to control my breathing and
move in a very restrained and sedate fashion. Gerard explained that the
relatives we were going to meet were the head executors of the will. Only when
they were satisfied that all the conditions had been met would the money be
released to us. So it was very important that I impress them. That was why I had
to be so tightly bound today.

As he took the cape and veil off in the restaurant the rush of air made me
shiver. I tried to look as calm as I could as I was led to the table. Seated at
the table were Lord and Lady Henley. Lady Henley was bound at least as tight as
me at the neck and waist. Her hair was pulled so tight away from her face it was
almost making her scalp bleed, but she smiled warmly as I tried to sit in my
corset. I tried to reach for my neck but found the sleeves of my suit were now
so tight they didn't allow my arms the freedom to do so. She smiled even wider
as she noticed that the steel edge of my collar was cutting deeply into my
throat. "You look very smart today, Geena."

"Thank you," I whispered hoarsely.

"However that collar is a little forgiving. Virginia must have bought that when
she was on vacation or relaxing somewhere very informally. No, I'm afraid we
always insist on at least a five inch high collar for ladies' relaxed wear on
the estate, don't we darling?" She smiled at her husband. As he smiled back I
noticed his collar, though not as high at a mere 3 inches, was probably even
tighter on him than mine. It was so tight he couldn't make a sound, and my heart
went out to him.

Lady Henley looked to Gerard, "My God, you will need to smarten up I think,

Gerard swallowed, fingering his throat nervously. Then she looked back at me,
wide-eyed, "But you will manage I'm sure, Geena, although I think the evening
wear your great grandmother left will be the real challenge for you. It makes
your wedding dress look positively benign."

"Benign?" Gerard whispered, looking even more worried.

"Oh yes, the wedding dress was a relaxation compared to the other gowns she

My heart sank. This was far worse than I thought it would be. Lord Henley gasped
a whispered comment that was barely audible, "I think she's ready though,
M'Lady. Don't you?"

"Oh yes!" Lady Henley beamed, "We shall fly you over tomorrow evening. Don't
want you changing your mind, do we? I'm so looking forward to training you, my

Then she fingered her slender throat. On closer examination I realized it must
have been at least 6 inches long, every inch of it tightly encased in the
stiffest boned linen. Her earrings tinkled against it, betraying that there was
something metallic beneath that linen. She then smiled and spoke more softly,
"I've been told that I'm a crueler task master than even your great grandmother
was!" Then in the most sinister-sweet tone she said something that would later
prove to be almost the death of me. If only I'd realized it's full implication,
I would have ripped the choking collar from my throat and ran as fast as I
could, all the way back to poverty and a normal life.

"You know it's only an accident of birth, Geena," she whispered, "that the line
of inheritance came to you. So I will make sure you earn your inheritance
properly. Now, what would you like to eat?"

"My appetite has disappeared, M'Lady," I gasped hoarsely.

Before I could take another breath, Lady Henley's gloved fingers took my jaw
firmly and turned it away from her. "Why, your profile is perfect, Geena!"

I winced in agony as the steel edge of the collar dug deeply into my throat and
cut my breath off. My eyes bulged in panic.

"Now you must eat, Geena!"

"Yes, M'lady!" I gasped with the last of my breath, my voice filled with

"Not fainting," Lady Henley whispered, "That's a very good girl."

Just as my vision started to go she released my jaw. My head sprang forward, and
I could breath again!

I gulped in air like it was a sweet desert. She was indeed the cruelest woman
I'd ever met.

Chapter Three - Night Torture.

That night we stayed in the Henley's hotel suite. Mother had packed everything
and sent it ahead to the airport. Lady Henley took charge of my training.

As she started, Gerard watched, already a cruel leather posture collar strapped
tightly around his neck. "Now watch closely Gerard," she said to him, "This is
how you should train your wife!"

He half smiled, nervous but excited by what this sadist might do to me.

She took out a small steel dildo and butt plug and strapped them into me with
wires extending from them that indicated that they were going to do something
devilish later. The thought of that excited me, I have to say, but not for long.

She quickly tightened my long sleeping corset down to the 18 inches I'd been
suffering all day, but the length of this corset crushing me from tits to knees
made it even worse. I yelped as she doubled back my arms and held both wrists
together at my shoulder blades. She strapped them together with a wide leather
strap, then added another strap that almost popped my shoulders from my sockets
as it drew my elbows together.

"Oh God, this is torture!" I moaned, "You're breaking my arms!"

"Quiet! I thought you understood. We suffer unbearable pain to be more
beautiful. It's our destiny, so get used to it. And never complain again. Is
that clear?"

I nodded tearfully. Then she looked at my feet. "Oh dear, this will never do,"
she said, "I see your feet haven't been trained at all. But not to worry, I have
something for that. These are foot trainers. They will teach you to stand
properly on your toes, Geena. I was going to save this for the flight, but why
wait?" She held up something that looked like a torture device from the Spanish
Inquisition - two straight steel shafts that would run from my shins to my toes,
allowing no bend in my ankles. I would be held constantly en pointe! She
strapped my feet to the steel shafts using wide steel bands. But these were no
ordinary steel bands. There were tiny needles on the insides of them! As she
tightened the bands the needles pricked my skin. I arched my feet in pain, and
she wound the steel bands tighter with a wrench. "We don't want blood on the
sheets, do we Geena?"

I screamed in agony. With the crushing corset, my arms nearly dislocated, and
now the soles of my feet and heels being pierced by hundreds of tiny needles, I
couldn't stop screaming.

She slapped my face sharply and yelled at me, "Stop that now, or I'll use the
punishment gag!" Then she tightened the steel bands some more.


Lady Henley looked shocked, "What did you say?"

"This is too much, M'Lady!" I wept.

She shook her head at me and reached into her case, "Very well, dear. Don't say
I didn't warn you." She pulled out an even crueler looking device, "Open you

I shook my head. It was the only part of my body I could still move!

"Complaining is unforgivable, Geena! Now I will really have to punish you. Open
your mouth."

"Forget it. Keep the money. Please don't hurt me anymore"

"You want me to stop?"

Then Gerard spoke. "Continue, she doesn't mean it."

"Very well, open your mouth Geena."

I pursed my lips together and shook my head again. Her eyes sparkled more
cruelly than ever, "Watch Gerard. This is the best way to open a reluctant
wife's mouth." Quicker than lightening she unlooped the leather belt from her
tiny waist and wound it high around my neck. She pulled it extremely tightly,
strangling me!

My mouth opened, gasping for air, but none came. Instead it was suddenly crammed
with a massive rubber gag. Lady Henley fastened two rubber straps tightly at the
back of my head. Then she took the belt from my neck.

Two holes in the gag enabled me to regain my breath.

She turned some switches in the gag and my tongue was immediately sucked into a
spiked vice within the gag. I was totally muted and the pain was excruciating.

"Now you will never complain again, understood?"

I nodded in agony.

"Oh, you can still nod. We're having such a good time here I almost forgot. I
better get you into your strangler for the night." With that she pulled out a
5-inch-tall stainless steel collar, similarly lined with tiny 20th-of-an-inch
needles, and put it around my throat. It forced my chin up so high I almost
dislocated my neck! Thankfully it wasn't tight enough for the needles to pierce
my skin. For a moment I was relieved by this. Then she plugged in a simple
wing-nut at the back of the steel collar and started turning it, tightening up
the collar. The pain from the needles was like no other torture I had ever
imagined! My screams were silenced by the gag so all I could do was weep, until
the strangler was so tight my face, or what was left of it above the torture
gag, turned red and my eyes bulged in terror.

"This will leave permanent marks on your throat that will always have to be
covered up Geena. You will be like Princess Alexandra whose neck blemishes
forced her to always wear high choker collars, thereby making this delectable
fashion so popular."

When she'd finished tightening the strangler, she measured my neck, "There! An
eleven and three quarter inch collar, 5 inches tall, almost the dimensions of
your wedding choker. We're getting there, dear! Now you lie here for the night,
and get accustomed to it. We have a 10 hour flight tomorrow, and the traveling
restraints are even crueler. Oh, I almost forgot!"

She yanked the strap around my wrists up above my shoulder blades and fastened
it to a clip at the back of the steel strangler, pulling my neck so my head
arched back excruciatingly.

"Good night, Geena."

Then she plugged the wire from my dildo and butt plug into a power socket and
switched it on. She left me there on my side and turned out the light.

As the door closed and locked I felt the pain burning through me, my breaths
were shallow and I couldn't possibly imagine how there could be any bondage
torture worse than this.

Yet somehow I was starting to get very aroused.

Then I realized that the dildo was growing ... and vibrating ...

and I started to orgasm ...

It was incredible. The pain and the pleasure all at the same time. Suddenly
every bond was my treasure, every shot of pain another shot of beauty. I pulled
at my collar with my wrists...

I swooned ... The collar tightened!

My eyes blinked wide open...

The collar loosened ...

The dildo grew ...

I wasn't going to sleep this night.


Chapter Four - The Flight

The morning came and I was totally exhausted. I was taken out of the gag, the
corset and foot trainers. As the collar was pulled away from my neck I could see
in the mirror the damage the tiny needles had done. Lady Henley rubbed a
solution into my neck then bound it as tightly as she could with an elasticised
bandage. "You survived the night. Aren't you proud?"

I nodded as best I could with the bandage strangling me - I certainly couldn't
speak, the gag had left my tongue so bruised and punished it simply filled my
mouth and made speaking impossible. "Don't worry about your tongue hanging out,
Geena. We shall wire your jaw shut for the flight."

Oh my God...

"The bondage for the flight will be so subtle no one will see it. But you will
feel every inch of it, my love."

Her aim was to make me as smart as possible and beneath that smartness I was to
be tortured beyond endurance. I was later to learn that any public appearance
demanded this, and that was indeed what Virginia enjoyed the most.

To be honest there was a part of me that looked forward to it too.

Lady Henley's training was already working.

After the foot trainers came off I quickly understood how they had worked.

My feet were in such agony from the wounds that the needles had made I could
only bear to walk on my tip-toes. So 7-inch high-heeled leather ballet shoes
were indeed the only shoes I could wear from now on. Lady Henley produced a pair
of them to lace onto my feet. Thank god for small mercies.

Next a 7-inch long dildo was inserted into me and strapped in place. Then an
incredible whalebone corset was laced on, quickly tightened down to the
requisite 18 inches.

I thought that was all, until my neck was put in a greyhound's wide leather
choke leash and I was strapped by it up so high that I was almost being hung
from the top of the four poster... "Stay perfectly still Geena and you won't be

Then the corset was tightened even more, taking my waist down to 17 inches!

I didn't move or make a sound, but inside I was screaming.

She released me from the choke leash. I could breathe again, sparingly.

I was trembling with fear and excitement as she brought out a one-piece
whalebone-reinforced suede hobble dress that stretched from high under my chin
in a 5 and a quarter inch high collar, to just below my knees with a long fan
train that covered my heels. It was exquisitely beautiful, but it looked far too
small for me.

I thought she wound never get it on, but of course she had a way. She dipped the
whole dress in hot water, so it would stretch. Then squeezing my arms into the
long sleeves and fastening it at the back all the way down she managed to get it
on me, "Now this will seem a little loose at first Geena but as it dries out it
will tighten all over. Then I will be able to get you into your traveling

As I ate breakfast, only just managing to swallow the tiniest mouthfuls, the
suede started to dry and contract. I passed out soon after that. The food might
have been drugged or I was being strangled - I couldn't tell for sure. Either
way, I came around momentarily for a brief nightmare vision.

From the top of my head to the tips of my toeboots, I was strapped into a
dentist's chair. An ingenious face-brace held my jaws clamped shut with my lips
peeled back to reveal my gums. Lord Henley was drilling hooks into my gums and
wiring my jaws tightly shut. "There," he said, "That'll keep you quiet Geena. I
don't want to see you punished for complaining again!" He smiled as I passed out
again, this time from the pain.

Next time I came to, my eyes flickered open and I saw from my reflection in the
chauffeur's divide that I was sitting in the back of a limousine that was
gliding down a freeway. My suede sheath was still tight about me, but on top of
it an elegant tweed suit, stiflingly hot, now encased by body from my neck to my
toes. At my neck a stiff 5 and three quarter inch collar made of beautifully
white cellulite was held in place with a smart silk tie.

So I had now three layers of bondage around my neck - first the elasticised
bandage, then the ever-tightening suede collar from my corset-dress, and finally
the pretty white collar held formally in place by the tie. Of course this could
be tightened up after the suede drew in more. I would always look as smart and
erect as Lady Henley desired me to.

I tried to groan, but nothing came out. I was completely mute! Then I remembered
the dream of having my jaws wired shut. But in the window reflection I could see
myself smiling calmly! My mouth was no longer my own.

Gerard was smiling at me; he spoke in a hoarse voice, "You look very happy
Geena... very smart indeed." He was wearing a classic black suit and a stiff
collar similar to Lord Henley's but about an inch higher, and it looked very
tight. Somehow he was enduring this. Lady Henley tightened his tie a bit more,
and glanced at me, "We'll be at the airport soon, dear. Then you will walk to
the plane just like anyone else."

I smiled back at her, but my eyes were filled with tears. I was her slave, her
plaything, her dream come true. As the limo drew to a halt she leaned over and
tightened my collar a little more, and then around the collar she wound a long
fur muffler, so no one could see just how cruelly my neck was bound.

Then she pulled my hair back even tighter, twisting the bun at the top of my
head as tightly as her strong arms could manage. She clamped a pillbox hat over
the hair knot and let its veil fall loosely over my agonized eyes. "There! she
said, "Now you really do look perfect!"

I could just about manage a six inch step, teetering on my toeboots beneath the
long suede and tweed dresses. A long and very heavy leather cape had been added
that made walking even harder. I wanted to hold onto Gerard to avoid falling or
fainting, but I couldn't. I had no arms.

It seemed to take us forever to reach the plane. When I was finally strapped
into my seat I was awash in sweat. My perspiration had loosened the suede sheath
somewhat, except at my neck where the stiff collar and silk tie held in place.
But the sheath would dry again soon, and I feared that together with the awful
corset, it would eventually cut me in two!

We took off and climbed to 33,000 feet. The suede dried and squeezed me more
tightly than before. Soon Lady Henley was able to tighten up my collar a little
more. She was delighted!

The flight was to be 11 hours long. I wondered how I would survive it.

Lady Henley talked incessantly. She told me how much she looked forward to
starting my training in earnest when we got to the estate. She promised that by
the time she'd finished with me I would easily be able to endure the tightest
bondage Virginia's wardrobe could offer. She was certain I would enjoy every
second of it too. It was in my genes after all. And to top it off, she said, I
would become one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Inspired by this I decided to look forward to the suede tightening around me
even more. I tried to imagine just how cruel my bondage could get. Of course I
later discovered that my imaginings had been far too mild compared to what
really awaited me.

My breathing was shallow and restrained as I tried to relax. I slipped off into
an extremely uncomfortable sleep. When I woke up, we were finally landing. My
dress was tighter than ever, and Lady Henley was fixing a wide brooch at the top
of my tall collar that had a viciously sharp glass rose set into it. The razor
sharp rose pricked at the skin just under my chin forcing me to hold my head
even higher still. "No more sleeping for you Geena!" she chided me, "We're

I would have said thank you, but my wired jaw and swollen tongue prevented me
from making any noise at all. But I was trembling in anticipation!


Chapter Five - My Realization

The train ride north from the airport seemed to last forever. I was starving,
having been only able to drink through a straw for the past 30-odd hours because
my jaw was wired shut. Thank goodness my tongue had returned to it's normal
size. I'd never spent so long in such tight bondage for one stretch of time, and
its effect surprised me. I was actually getting used to it!

The smile that Lord Henley had hooked my cheeks into gave all the other
passengers on the train the impression that I was quite comfortable, but if they
had been able to see beneath my cape and the fur muffler or hear my struggling
breaths they would have probably called the police.

When we got onto the ferry Lady Henley took me down to their private cabin.
Waiting there was a trunk of clothes. "I want to change so that when the staff
are presented to you they are impressed with their future Mistress. They will
certainly have been dressed for the occasion too, and it is only fitting that we
are also correctly dressed."

I nodded as much as my collar would allow. Lady Henley then started to loosen my
collar. I almost fainted as the oxygen rushed into to my lungs when she took off
the tweed dress and suede sheath, and pulled the bandage from my throat.

"Ah!" she said, "The cuts are healing already. Excellent!"

Then she freed my arms. They had almost lost all sensation, so having them back
in my own control was almost too much for me. My heart was racing.

Gerard was then brought in from the other room blind-folded. I soon discovered
that it was not going to be easy for him either.

Lord Henley led him to the center of the room and pulled the stiff linen collar
from his throat. He replaced it with a 6 inch wide leather collar and choke
leash that he attached to a hook in the roof of the cabin, pulling Gerard up
until he was on his tip-toes. Every time the boat swayed, Gerard strangled and
struggled to keep his footing.

Lady Henley laughed at his efforts to avoid being hung. "Oh you're so sweet
Gerard! Shall we corset him down a few inches then leave him to dance like this
for the rest of the voyage? I think it's charming."

Then she turned to me, "I want you un-gagged for the presentation." She pulled
back my lips and unhooked the wires that held my jaws.

I gasped in relief!

"But our collaring has to be the most severe they've ever seen." she said, "You
must set an example for all of them Geena. Don't you agree?"

"Yes M'Lady." I whispered hoarsely.

"Oh I know!" she exclaimed, "Rather than watch Gerard dance for us, would you
like to whip him as well Geena?"

For a moment I thought of saying no, but then...

I remembered any question from Lady Henley was actually a command, so I nodded
in agreement.

She smiled, "Give him 20 lashes. Good ones, like this!" She picked up a long
leather bull whip and snapped it across Gerard's back. It was then, when he
tried to scream, that I realized his jaws had been wired shut just like mine had
been. Poor Gerard. He hadn't bargained for any of this!

I began to whip him. After the first two strokes, without warning, Lady Henley
slapped me so hard across the cheek I almost fell down.

"That hard Geena, or I'll whip you harder still!"

I regained my balance. With tears filling my eyes, I continued whipping Gerard
as fast and as hard as I could.

Soon M'lady smiled, "That's perfect," she said.

By the time I had finished, Gerard was hanging semi-conscious, gurgling
pathetically in his ever-tightening choker, and struggling feebly to loosen it
with his fingers. Then I had the strangest realization. I had actually enjoyed
punishing him. And when I saw how erect his penis was, I could tell he enjoyed
it too.

"Now take him away and put him in his tackle." Lady Henley commanded.

"Tackle?" I asked.

"Yes, Geena. We thought it would be romantic if Gerard were to drive us up to
the Main house from the dock."

"I don't understand."

"You will darling," she smiled, "You will."

Lord Henley unhooked Gerard's leash and pulled him out of the room. Lady Henley
turned to me, "Now I want us to be even more severe, Geena. It's very important
we start off on the right foot, or the servants will think they can walk all
over us."

I swallowed. What on earth did she mean by this?

My main fetish is high collar shirts all buttoned up, and BDSM.

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#3 [url]

Dec 1 07 4:15 PM

QUOTE (tightlytied @ December 01, 2007 12:31 am)
that's the most intense collaring i've ever read about...are there sequels?

No I have not been abel to find more nice story´s, but if any body have Collar story´s around, then please post them.


My main fetish is high collar shirts all buttoned up, and BDSM.

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#4 [url]

Dec 1 07 11:53 PM

here's one:

“Time to get up and get dressed for work, hon!” She gives his shoulder a quick shake
as he starts rolling out of bed, earlier than usual. Then he remembers…the new dress code policy
at work starts today. Something he has not been looking forward to. The office where
he works decided to join the growing trend and demand business formal attire
– suits and ties for the male employees, and skirt suits, hose and heels for the women
– at all times. Not even a dress-down Friday.

His wife had greeted the news with obvious delight several weeks earlier –
she’s always hated casual attire, and often made him dress formally for
dinner or a night out with her. She quickly took the lead, as she does,
taking him to a fine tailor to have a number of suits and shirts made for him
to her specifications. After being measured, he paid little attention as she
went over the details with the tailor, selecting fabrics for his suits. For
his shirts, he remembers her looking with great interest at some shirts with what looked
like old fashioned hard collars that attached separately to the
shirt, but figured they don’t make them like that anymore,
which is a good thing – those collars look very confining and uncomfortable, though very formal.
He gave the matter little thought for the next few weeks, enjoying his usual
business casual and joining in on the conversations with his co-workers,
which were mostly complaining about the impending formal dress code.

He showers quickly, and returns to their bedroom to find she’s already
laid out one of his new suits and a white shirt, crisp with starch,
that has French cuffs but oddly, only a collar band. “You know I have to
wear a tie, Mistress…how can I do that with a banded-collar shirt?”

“Don’t worry, dear, I have that all taken care of,” she says with an impish grin.

“All right, then,” he says, pulling the shirt on, quickly followed by the
slacks, socks and shoes, then a vest. “First time I’ve ever worn a
three-piece suit. You sure want me as formally dressed as possible!” She walks over to him,
her skirt rustling a bit,
and fastens a new set of cuff-links at his French cuffs.

“Yes, I do. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time.
Now you’re going to dress this way all the time, for your job and for me.”

“Uh-oh,” he thinks…she then reaches onto the night stand,
grabbing a set of handcuffs.
“Now, let’s get these on you,” she says.


“Are you questioning me, dear?” she says with a stern look.

“No, of course not, Mistress.” With a double click, his wrists are now cuffed in two ways!

He sits on the edge of the bed, hands cuffed behind his back, watching her
as she pulls a collar out of a small box.
"Oh no...I can't believe you found those old fashioned hard collars," he says.
The collar she's holding appears to be stiff as a board,
and she picks up a pair of small metal studs.
Then she approaches him with a smile

– “Now, let’s get this collar around your neck. Chin up!”
Having no choice in the matter, he complies. She places the collar
around his neck, attaching it at the back first. Then, she takes the tie
she’s selected for him and puts it loosely around his neck.
She then attaches one side of his collar to the front stud and proceeds to knot his tie
carefully, getting the dimple just right. “Ok...looking good so I need
to get your tie under your collar.” She proceeds to work the tie
under his hard collar with her fingers,
and he feels the collar around his neck beginning to get snug.

“Ummm...this collar feels really stiff...are you sure it’s supposed
to be this way, Mistress?”

“Yes, it is. You'll learn to like it...eventually.”
She grins as she fastens the other side of his collar to the stud,
taking some effort to do so. Immediately after that,
he begins to realize just how stiff, high, and tight this collar is
as she quickly tightens his tie, the silk rustling as it moves
under the stiff starched collar. She pulls it tight...then
even tighter...satisfied at last, she fiddles with the dimple in his tie,
making sure it is perfect. “Almost done,” she chirps happily. “You look great!”

“But...this collar is so stiff and tight...much more than any collar
I’ve ever worn for you before, Mistress” he groans,
feeling the knot of his tie dig into his throat almost choking him,
as he speaks. “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stand
wearing this all day at work,” he says nervously.

“Well, you’re going to, dear, for me.
I’m not going to give you any choice in the matter.
You won’t be able to loosen your tie or unbutton your collar.
These detachable collars only look right if they are worn tight,
with a tie snug at your neck. Oh...I almost forgot...your new collar bar.
I had this custom made to help keep you looking good...whether you want
to...or not.”
Smiling again, she walks over to her jewelry box, and takes out
a collar bar with a small, extra loop of metal on the underside.
She then attaches the collar bar to his collar, lifting the knot of his tie
as she does. He sighs, trying futilely to look down and see what she’s doing.

“Now I can barely look down!”
“That’s the idea, dear,” she says, concentrating as she takes a tiny jeweler’s tool
and does something to the ends of the collar bar and the loop of metal.
“This will improve your posture, too, which is always a good thing.
I don't want you slouching around at work.”
She fiddles a bit more with his collar bar and tie.
“There, done!” She stands back and admires her handiwork, as he sits,
still handcuffed, on the edge of the bed,
the high, tight hard collar and tie forcing him to keep his back straight and chin up.
“Ok, let’s get your jacket on; you need to get going in a few minutes
…after you make us some coffee.”
He stands up, and she unlocks and removes the handcuffs.
He reaches around, rubbing his wrists, the cufflinks on his starched
French cuffs visible again. He looks at himself in the mirror
as she comes up behind him, with his suit jacket,
helping him put it on. She spins him around, buttoning his jacket
over his vest then tucking a silk pocket square into his jacket pocket.
“There, now you’re ready for work!” He looks again in the mirror,
lifting his tie knot to reveal that the loop of metal on the collar bar is now
fastened around the thin, back blade of his tie right at the base of his tie knot.
He tries to pull the collar bar off, but finds it is firmly attached to his collar.
“That’s right, you can’t take it off, and that loop will keep you
from loosening your necktie…though you can tighten it further, of course,”
she says, reaching up to snug his tie a little bit tighter.
“It’s a nice way to ensure you remain properly dressed, and it looks just
like a regular collar bar, which I like.” She gives him a quick kiss.

He looks at himself in the mirror with a resigned glance.
He’s in a charcoal gray three piece suit, a hard collar that gleams with starch
tight around his neck, the silk tie knotted almost chokingly tight
held neatly in place with a collar bar, with a coordinating pocket square
tucked neatly into the breast pocket of his jacket. With difficultly he finds he can look down
just enough, the knot of his tie digging into the flesh under his jaw,
to see the tips of his gleaming cap-toed shoes.
He tries to stick a finger in his collar to loosen it, to no avail.
There is no give in the knot of his tie, either. He tries to loosen
it but cannot, due to the modified collar bar she's put on him.
She wears a devilish smile as she watches him struggle
futilely against the strict, formal bondage around his neck.
"You might as well give up, love. You'll be in that collar
and tie for as long as I want you to be. I've been waiting to
do this to you for a while." He sighs and drops his hands to
his sides, surrendering to the inevitable.
It’s going to be a very long day...

“Now, go make us some need to get going to work soon.
I’m sure your co-workers will like your new look just as much as I do.
One other thing, dear...if you want to get that collar and tie off today
at any point, you’d better give some thought to how you can
serve and please me when you get home from work.”

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